A Pathway for Entrepreneurs

As Canada’s Start-Up Visa program is designed for Entrepreneurs interested in growing their emerging businesses in Canada, let's talk about what makes Canada a competitive destination.

A Pathway for Entrepreneurs


Transforming good ideas into innovative businesses takes time and vision. Let us help define what that road map looks like.


From government approval to business strategy, to personal requirements, we help Entrepreneurs understand what is required and how to best prepare.  


Navigating through a multi-step process with different stakeholders is where we provide guidance. Let us help you determine if Canada is the right next move for you and your business and create that pathway to success.


Consider the Start-Up Visa program to be part of your mid to long-term strategy. From inception, this process can be more than two years to completion but does offer a temporary pathway to Canada in order to immerse yourself into the domestic economy. Let us bring clarity so you can strategize best. 


We support you to build meaningful partnerships for your start-up's success.

Pathway to Citizenship

Canada wants the brightest minds to stay and thrive in Canada. Living 3 out of 5 years in Canada creates a pathway to Citizenship for you and your family in Canada. Let us answer your questions.

Let us reach your goals together!

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